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STOP. This is a very limited offer we are running for existing Affiliate X members only. We reserve the right to pull the offer at any time

UPDATE: We have already pulled the offer - less than 48 hours after we launched it the first time around. The demand was just too great for us to handle. Now that we've caught up, the offer is back. But you must take action if you want in. There might not be a "round three"...

$1,297 For Free? Wow, do I qualify?

When I first saw the Affiliate X Google Insider method at work, I was bowled over by its profitability. $915 in 18 hours here, $450 a day there, it adds up a staggering income.

And when you consider the hundreds of opportunities like that inside Affiliate X, the profit-pullng potential is endless.

Now, I know that every affiliate wants to gate-crash the Google party and enjoy these Insider methods, but there's a problem that may exclude 99% of wealth-seekers...

Not everyone has the technical expertise to get started... so I decided to do something about it.

This promotion entitles any Affiliate X member to their very own dot.com website, setup and designed for them - including a fully installed Wordpress blog, setup with the exact WordPress theme that pulled in as much as $900 per day in ClickBank cash profits, and an advanced Affiliate X quick start guide to show you how to dominate Google and make your first $1,000 with your website (created by the Insider himself - and worth a further $197).

Impressive? I am just getting started. The offer also includes all the promotional materials you need to get started including a $55 Google Adwords voucher... a list of hot keywords to target right now, and so much more.

It sounds too good to be true - and it is. Which is why the offer will only be open to a select few.

All of this means, you can take advantage of this breakthrough Google Insider method, no matter what your experience level is. Now, everyone can pull in the free Google clicks and tasty affiliate paydays.

But the offer is limited - and strictly first come, first served.

Okay, I'm in.... how does it all work?

Normally, when you setup a website, you have to learn "HTML coding" (the techie language of the Internet), spend a few thousand on a web designer, or a few hundred on a design program.

You need to install your Wordpress blog, find and buy a "wordpress theme" that Google loves, and then start looking for ways to promote the site. You can do all this if you have the time and the patience - and you will make money. But it will take time...

Even after all that, you will probably end up with broken links, error-ridden code, and nothing but trouble. And that's just the fun part.

Once your site is complete, you need to promote it - but with dozens of methods open to you (from expensive advertising to hit-and-miss free traffic), it gets even more confusing. As you can see, setting up your own website can be a painful process - even for the most determined affiliate. With the material inside Affiliate X, its there for the taking. But the problem is the effort you need to put in to get to that level.

The solution is a ready-made affiliate website, hosted on your own dot.com website (which you own for life), with copy-and-paste promotional materials and a license to use our Google-friendly custom Wordpress theme for life.

So you are using the exact website layout, theme and design that the Insider used to pull in as much as $915 per day. So all you need to do is promote the site using the exact methods that we outline. Oh, and it gets better still - we even chuck in $55 in credit for Google Adwords pay per click, and another $50 for Yahoo.

All you need to do is sign up with our recommended host - and let us take care of all the techie stuff, provide you with your promotional material and vouchers... you just sit back, smash through the learning curve and enjoy the Google Insider results.

Sounds too good to be true? Yes it is. Which is why this offer will not be around forever.

We reserve the right to pull it at any time. And we probably will. Soon.

I suggest you keep reading...

Yours: The Exact Website That Dominated Google For $960 per day in ClickBank affiliate profits

Never pay for Google traffic again...


Who is eligible for this offer?

Due to the limited nature of the offer (we are not going to be created websites forever), only Affiliate X members are eligible. Secondly, you must act fast - the quantity of websites I will do is limited. Not everyone who wants a site will get one. Don't get caught out - especially when you consider that the affiliates who act early will enjoy the most rewards.

So, lay it on me. What do I get if I tear this limited offer from your hands today?

A fully Google-optimized affiliate website, ready to make money using the Google Insider strategy in the Affiliate X guide. So you can dive in and start profiting right away.
Full installation of your wordpress blog (worth $197) - no need to learn any techie knowledge, the Insider will set your site up for you.
The Insider's very own Google-friendly Wordpress Theme (worth $297) - completely unique, never-released-to-the-public and fully setup for you. If you have read the Insider's report, you'll know the value of a good Theme, so you can imagine the power of having one created by one of the top Google profiteers in the game.
Complete Quick Start guide to profiting using your website (worth $197) - let the insider show you how to spin your new website into massive affiliate paydays. It's easy if you let him show you the loopholes and secret Google back-doors..
Free $50 Google Adwords voucher - you can even plug your site into the Adwords network and start earning in minutes, with zero up-front costs (just use the voucher and the exact strategy I give you... but keep it to yourself).
Full web hosting with 24/7 web stats, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support - and more...
Unlimited cash-pulling opportunities ...use your website to target an unlimited number of keyword opportunities - just follow the exact blueprint we give you to profit: rinse, and repeat.
And remember ...no need to learn any HTML, web design, coding or any other techie crap. Just a plug and go website that has been planned from the bottom up by the Affiliate X team to give our affiliates control of the Google game in 2010. Just be sure to take action while you still can..

Remember, this offer gives you the exact website and tools that we used to pillage Google for over $900 cash gains in a day. And using this one site, you will be able to target hundreds of opportunities like this.

But you must act now...


How can I take advantage of this limited offer?

The process to get setup and start earning is simple. Just follow these easy two steps to start earning.

NOTE: Remember to act very quickly. The quantity of sites is limited. Many will miss out. Don't be one of them.

Step 1

Get your domain and hosting through our recommended host, HostGator by clicking on the banner below or click here to start the easy three-step process. Be sure to choose the Hatchling option.

Note: You'll have to choose a domain name (e.g, DansReviews.com) during the signup process. - for example, "YourNameReviews.com" or something like "KieransBonusAndReviews.com" - you can use hyphens (like IM-Product-Reviews.com) to try and find an available domain if you're having trouble.

As long as it has the keyword "review" or "bonus" in the domain, it'll do fine. This will enable us to make posts like DansReview.com/Affiliate-X-Bonus using your cash-pulling website - and thus target the keywords 'Affiliate X Review' and 'Affiliate X Bonus' at the same time.

Step 2

Simply forward us your "Your HostGator Account Information" email you received upon signing up to Hostgator, and we will take it all from there, setup your website and provide you will all the information you need to start earning, normally within a few hours.

Note: please do not forward the "your hosgator order" e-mail, we need the e-mail entitled "Your HostGator Account Information", so please do forward the correct one. That way we can get your site setup and get you earning as quickly as possible.

Please forward this information to hostgator@cbaffiliatex.com and we will set your site up ASAP.

That's it.

Remember - this is a very limited time offer, and when the slots are full, that's it.. Just click on the Hostgator image to get started and ensure you are one of the lucky ones.

You must take action now i you want to lock in your place, and be part of the Affiliate X revolution.


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